Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Taste For Irony: Broken Social Scene and Friends

Apparently, we have a radio station here. It's a pretty exciting prospect, after having been so fixated on music recently, to have an opportunity of broadcasting something. I was brainstorming potential show themes when I realized that one emerged upon browsing the contents of this blog, as well as my library. I'm not from Canada; I was actually born in Beijing, China, but for some reason I've gravitated towards my collective-centric northern neighbors, the most prominent being Broken Social Scene. This set, which opens with a staggering rendition of the superb "Almost Crimes" that's been featured in Arts & Crafts' samplers, is really the epitome of the collective ideal. The numerous band connections are explored here, with different members of the group playing their respective songs. It was recorded at Radio Aligre in Paris, France, and while I'm not sure exactly when it was recorded, the songs are from You Forget It In People-era BSS. As usual, various non-album tracks follow.


1. Almost Crimes (BSS)
2. Baby, You're In Luck (Apostle of Hustle)
3. Starts With A Big Finish (Jason Collett)
4. Cause = Time (BSS)
5. Bruised Ghosts (Amy Millan)
6. Let's Get Out Of Here (BSS)

All The Gods
Do The 95
Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day) - Live at the Junos
Puff The Magic Dragon (Demo)

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