Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cut With Knife: The Other Emily Haines Album

Today is a bittersweet day (although it's an improvement over yesterday). Emily Haines, singer of Metric and my favorite frontperson, is releasing her solo debut, entitled Knives Don't Have Your Back. Having, uh, acquired it for a bit already, I can say that it's as sharp as it's namesake, with Emily's characteristic charisma and lyricism evident. There's also a certain vulnerability that's merely hinted at in the lulls of Metric's bombastic albums ("Too Little Too Late," for example). The album's release is accompanied by a short tour, including two shows next Tuesday at Joe's Pub, a mere two or three blocks away from my dorm. Upon finding this locale, I was delighted, but upon further investigation, I was shocked to find that both shows were sold out. Apparently the label, Last Gang, is holding a significant chunk of these tickets, hence the shortage. I'll continue to check, but in the meantime, here's her other, unreleased solo album, Cut In Half and Also Double. What's with Metric and unreleased albums, anyways?


1. Dog
2. Bore
3. Eden
4. Pretty Head
5. Freak
6. The View
7. Eau de Toilette
8. Carpet
9. Pink

Fight Off The Lethargy: Here
Generally Interesting Article (with Emily): Under The Radar


Anonymous said...

thanks so much!

Cassandra said...

do you have the cover of cut in half???

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