Saturday, September 16, 2006

Transcontinental: Death Cab In Portland

Death Cab for Cutie recently announced an extensive fall tour starting, relevantly enough, with an appearance at Bridge School. Three excellent openers appear at various stages: Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins and OK Go. Around here, Ted Leo opens for Death Cab at the Garden, and while the tickets are a hefty $40 or so, I'm quite tempted to go. Until then, there's a gold mine of Death Cab recordings at etree, as well as many other artists, including two that have been featured here.

The set was recorded on November 17th, 2005 in the Crystal Ballroom, Portland, Oregon. Thanks to Ryan Olsen for the recording; you can view full technical details here. It's an incredible set, with highlights from Plans and Transatlanticism, as well as a few older songs. Stars was opening in this tour, and I think you can make out Torq's voice in the "Come On!" climax of the final song. Speaking of which, the crowd is really fantastic, singing along and adding a level of energy that isn't necessarily present in the studio recordings. It's worth checking out for the encore alone, and the best part is, the links aren't going to expire anytime soon!


Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Marching Bands of Manhattan
3. The New Year
4. Why You'd Want to Live Here
5. Title & Registration
6. Soul Meets Body
7. Summer Skin
8. President of What?
9. Photobooth
10. Crooked Teeth
11. Different Names for the Same Thing

Disc 2
1. For What Reason
2. Company Calls
3. Company Calls Epilogue
4. What Sarah Said
5. Expo '86
6. The Sound of Settling
7. I Will Follow You Into the Dark
8. Tiny Vessels
9. Transatlanticism (w/ Stars)

Expo '06: Here
Etree Archive: Here

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