Thursday, September 21, 2006

Viking Invasion: Mew at the Interface

Here's a quickie before I upload even more esoteric stuff. Mew, as briefly mentioned, are a band from Denmark. They've really evolved, from the early pop of Frengers to the density of And The Glass Handed Kites. AMG calls the album a prog-fusion reminiscent of Radiohead and My Bloody Valentine, no mean feat. Hype aside, I simply enjoy the hooks and singer Jonas Bjerre's distinctive voice. They just played a sold out show the other day at Webster Hall with Kasabian, and hopefully they'll do a headlining tour in the States soon.

This excellent live set was recorded at AOL Music's The Interface; thanks to Pitchfork for the heads-up. Enjoy:

Set list:
1. Zookeeper's Boy
2. Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed
3. Why Are You Looking Grave?
4. Comforting Sounds
5. Interview

Full Set: Here
Will You Buy? Maybe: Here
Purevolume (with downloads): Here

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