Monday, September 04, 2006

Interlude: Eurgasm

Somewhere in the Mediterranean...

Studious readers might realize that two days in Ottawa does not a summer vacation make. I also had the excellent fortune of spending a gluttonous amount of time in Europe, throughout the Mediterranean area. If it's any consolation, the flight home was delayed three hours, although I managed to avoid the liquid ban by about a week. As I'm a fiend, I took a number of musically-oriented and generally offbeat shots in addition to the obligatory tourism fill. To keep up the quota of verbosity, just a bit of indulgent name-dropping as far as esoteric European music goes.The UK-area is, of course, brimming with it, so I'll leave that be. There's quite a bit of interesting Nordic electro, including The Knife, Röyksopp and Múm. Although seemingly disparate, lo-fi artists such as José González and Kings of Convenience are also linked to their technological neighbors and a number of other more prominent groups. Ironically, I'm From Barcelona also hails from Sweden and is causing quite a bit of buzz. Also, I was quite delighted to see Mew's video for "Zookeeper's Boy" on MTV2 's Subterranean this morning.

Germany includes Lali Puna, Barbara Morgenstern, and Ellen Allien, who was just in the city last week. My metalhead acquaintances have said good things about Opeth, and the Italian band Lacuna Coil is quite prominent, though its metal-ness might be diluted (Depeche Mode covers and such), but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I've just scratched the surface, but hopefully that'll provide a starting point.

Enjoy the pics, more tunes coming shortly:

The Vatican just isn't nearly as scene. (Monacco)

Information Salvation (Nice, France)

Gives new meaning to "stadium-sized rock" (Rome, Italy)

Bryan Adams was the opener (Rome, Italy)

Speaking of which... (Athens, Greece)

Mixed Media (Barcelona, Spain)

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