Thursday, September 07, 2006

Shoetastic: Silversun Pickups At Café Du Nord

Recently, I was talking about shoegazer as if it were some obselete genre. Admittedly, the glory days of My Bloody Valentine and friends may have passed, but there are definitely excellent contemporary bands that employ the fuzz and distortion of yore. The aforementioned space-rock of Mew is clearly influenced by past density, particularly in their recent U.S. debut And The Glass Handed Kites. Asobi Seksu, with its endearing Japanese inflection, is another example. Finally, there's Silversun Pickups, whom I was introduced to on Subterranean. I think they're just fantastic; their album Carnavas has taken a significant chunk of my recent listening time. Here's a set recorded at Café Du Nord in San Francisco, California on March 11, 2006.


1. Intro
2. ...All The Go Inbetweens
3. Comeback Kid
4. Future Foe Scenarios
5. Waste It On
6. Kissing Families
7. Well Thought Out Twinkles
8. Lazy Eye

Cartgazers: Here

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