Monday, September 25, 2006

Portrait d'une Femme: Ladytron In France

Ladytron was featured on my first post, which seems like aeons ago. I've gone through a massive volume of music since then, but through it all, I've never lost my appreciation for the 'tron. Their style of music is a fantastic blend of some of my favorite genres, danceable electro, moody ambience, dense shoegaze and gorgeous pop, crafted with technical precision and songwriting sensibility. I've got tickets for the show at Webster Hall this Thursday, with CSS opening, so expect pictures.

This show was recorded at the 2001 La Route Du Rock festival in Saint-Malo, France. It's all material from their debut album 604, with the exception of Light & Magic's "Nuhorizons." I suppose my goal now is to get a live recording of a Witching Hour-era show.


1. Zmeyka
2. He Took Her To A Movie
3. Paco!
4. Discotraxx
5. Nuhorizons
6. Another Breakfast With You
7. Commodore Rock
8. This Is Our Sound
9. Playgirl
10. Skools Out...
11. Mu-Tron
12. The Way That I Found You

This Is Their Sound: Here

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