Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Neuromancy: Straylight Run Odds and Ends

I can really trace my immersion into music to Straylight Run. At the time of their first release, I was mostly entrenched in the mainstream alternative (if there's such a thing), more or less unaware of truly independent music. If nothing else, Straylight introduced me to the philosophy that drives both the new reality of the music industry, as well as mp3 sharing sites such as this one, that of free flow of ideas. The band initially released this six song demo set/EP for free online, and much of their exposure (coupled, of course, with a well documented ex-band connection) can be attributed to that. In any case, there's a rather hefty amount of subsequent live stuff, which I've included as well. The band's currently in the studio recording their second full-length, and you can check out footage at their official site.


Online EP

1. It's Everyone's Fault But Mine
2. Existentialism On Prom Night
3. A Slow Descent
4. It's For The Best
5. Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
6. The Tension and the Terror

Costello - Demo of "It Never Gets Easier"
Dignity and Money - Live on WLIR Radio
Now It's Done - Live on WLIR Radio
A Slow Descent - Live on Sirius Satellite Radio
Existentialism On Prom Night - Live on Sirius Satellite Radio
Tool Sheds and Hot Tubs - Live on Domestic Disturbance Radio
Now My Heart Is Full (Morrissey Cover) - Live on Domestic Disturbance Radio
Velvet Waltz (Built To Spill Cover) - Live on Domestic Disturbance Radio

Begging To Be Owned: Here

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