Friday, October 01, 2010

Azure Ray Are Drawing Down The Moon

Whoa, missed this one. I had heard rumblings that Azure Ray, the lovely project of Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink, was coming back after a lengthy seven year hiatus and many side projects. But apparently their new album, Drawing Down The Moon, already came out a couple weeks ago. I'll have to give it a few good listens and get back to you on it, but apparently it's the same old Azure Ray, which I think is great (Incidentally, I also think they've been grossly underrated and overlooked, and I hope this changes. Maria Taylor's 11:11 is also amazing if you like shoegazey stuff and female vocals, listen to it. Do it!)

Anyhow, on the more recent front, Stereogum just premiered a video for "Don't Leave My Mind," which has Taylor's distinct voice front-and-center. They'll be playing two shows here, Nov. 13 at Mercury Lounge and Nov. 14 at the Knitting Factory, and I will definitely be at one of those, barring deafness from the shows I go to between now and then. Must remember earplugs!

Here are some mp3s, courtesy of Saddle Creek. You have to sign up for Azure Ray's mailing list to get 'em, but you should do that anyhow!

And finally, because I can't get enough of these ladies, here's the video for "New Resolution," which nicely encapsulates their harmonies, but also their electronic influences. Enjoy!

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