Friday, October 22, 2010

CMJ 2010: Electric Child, Friends, Thomas Simon, And the Wiremen Played The Delancey

I stopped by the Delancey for the first time ever last night, actually intending to catch Sky Larkin and Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. But being unfamiliar with the venue, I didn't realize they were playing the downstairs stage, so I gravitated to the first thing I saw, which was a rather enthusiastic lady in a dress (whom I mistook for Sky Larkin's Katie Harkin) leaping about the crowd. It was instead Electric Child, the new band of Alison Clancey, a multi-talented singer, dancer and artist. I didn't get a full listen, arriving as the set was wrapping up, but it sounded energetic and fun.

The next band was Friends, another new project that is sadly un-Googleable, but it was definitely the highlight of the night for me. The lead singer had a dreamy, appealing delivery, and had some help from her band mates on some songs. In a loose ensemble style, the quintet traded instrumental duties, which included some synths, a sparse drum kit and guitars, meshing together both atmospheric pop and raucous gems that would make Los Campesinos! proud. I'm really hoping to hear more from these guys.

Update: Found their MySpace!

Thomas Simon shifted the show to a moodier level. Accompanied by a saxophone player, projector and some drum effects, he created dense arrangements that engulfed the small room. Many of the songs flowed into the next, electronic textures unyielding in the darkness, but the sax added a free, jazzy element that kept it from being too overwhelming. Simon even improvised the last piece of the set, after being granted time for one more song.

And The Wiremen, who were the last band I saw before heading out, kept a similar mid-tempo pace, keeping a steady but methodical gait throughout their set. The harmonies were good, but I would've appreciated a bit more energy. Again, there was a brass instrument, which added a nice flourish to the earthy sound of the band.

It was an enjoyable batch of sets, and while I was initially bummed that I had completely missed the intended bands, the surprise was pretty pleasant in the end.

Live video of And The Wiremen below, rest of the photos after the jump.

Alison Clancy / Electric Child


Thomas Simon

And The Wiremen

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