Monday, October 11, 2010

The Hold Steady Played the Apple Store, Oct. 8

As previously mentioned, the Hold Steady stopped by the Apple Store on Friday, following a show the night before at the Beacon Theater. The set was recorded and will be posted on Apple's iTunes store, and Craig Finn and Tad Kubler had some friendly inter-song banter. Most of the songs were from the Hold Steady's newest album, Heaven Is Wherever, along with the great "Chips Ahoy!" thrown in.

Finn gave the back story of some of the songs: "The Sweet Part of the City" is about kids in Greenpoint smiling, said Finn, despite their troubles. "Maybe just living in New York makes them happy," he said. Meanwhile, "The Weekenders" is a sequel of sorts to material from Boys and Girls in America - the kids have reunited, but now they can only hang out on the weekends. I feel their pain!

The instruments were all acoustic, and although Franz Nicolay sadly left the band this year, there was still a nice depth to the band's sound. The flourishes on "Chips Ahoy!" were particularly interesting without electric. It sounded something like this.

Rest of the photos after the jump.

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