Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Resident Advisor's Top 50 September Tracks: Shed, Justin Martin, Radio Slave, Lee Curtiss

Resident Advisor has released its Top 50 tracks for September. Not sure how these lists are ordered, but there's some great stuff this month. Can't say I recognize too many names, aside from the ones above, but there are some great labels represented: Crosstown Rebels, Cécille Numbers, Dirtybird, Minus, DFA, and Ostgut Ton. The best part is, most of the list is immediately streamable, something we like here.

One release that's curiously not available is Shed's "The Traveller," the title track from his new album., but honestly I'm a bit more compelled by his "Another Wedged Chicken," a track from a few years back. So good (especially after the 2:00 mark).

In other news, RA has a cool video for a new documentary about the French rave scene. C'est bon!

Update: Taras van de Voorde's 1998, track No. 4, is rather, rather good.

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