Friday, October 08, 2010

CMJ: Baeble Hosts Free Show at Bowery Electric

CMJ is coming. We'll be badgeless (unless something unexpected happens), but will bring you as much festival coverage as possible. What's nice about CMJ is that, outside of the official frenzy, there's a bunch of free, public shows with some good bands.

One of these shows is Baeble Music's Oct. 23 day show at Bowery Electric. Baeble is a video company that shoots indie rock bands and distributes them through a variety of internet partners, and the company even has an hour slot on MSG. There's no sponsorship involved for this show and Baeble pays for all of the venue expenses and production costs, Alex Szoka of Baeble told us.

Although he sees bands becoming more dependent on secondary platforms like Baeble in order to promote their music, Szoka added that most bands still need label support to start off.

"The only thing to keep in mind is that we rarely see bands that have truly been DIY until they get to us. By that I mean that bands that reach even moderate levels of success still have the label, PR and marketing support from the old paradigm. These new satellite industries just give them more exposure," he said.

I can't say I'm familiar with the bands, aside from Holly Miranda, but it's free and will be recorded for Baeble's website. Here's Holly Miranda playing at local spot Zebulon.

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