Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Women Played The Knitting Factory, Oct. 9

Calgary's Women played at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg a couple Saturdays ago. It was my first trip to the venue since it moved from Tribeca, and I like the new setup better. There's a bar in front with plenty of seating room - there's so much space that a band could probably set up in there, and the stage is in the back. There might be more performance areas, as the Manhattan version of the venue had three, but I'd have to go back to be sure.

So Cow started things off, the Irish band playing pretty straightforward rock, with a dash of humor ("just the hits tonight, no deep cuts). Then, DD/MM/YYYY played wild set with an arsenal of different instruments, trading vocals and even enlisting Marnie Stern for the big finish.

Women played an ominous set, with somber vocals and sparse guitars, but kept a steady, shifting beat throughout. Apparently singer Patrick Flegel worked at "a center for troubled kids," and his delivery evoked a dreary, almost claustrophobic mood. Not music that was immediately easy to like, but in the frosty Saturday night, it definitely left a strong impression.

Someone managed to get footage video footage of two songs. Here's "Eyesore," and "China Steps" is also up.

Here are a couple tracks, courtesy of Last.fm.

Rest of the photos after the jump.

So Cow



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