Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Musical Chairs, Literally, For Concert Execs

NPR's The Record has a great post today about the top executives of Live Nation, Ticketmaster and Clear Channel Communications, and how entangled each company is with the other. As previously reported, Live Nation's Barry Diller resigned last week, and his boss (assuming "executive chairman" is above "chairman") Irving Azoff has now joined the board of Clear Channel, the radio giant. The post also has a comprehensive timelines for the companies, and is well worth the read.

As an interesting comparison, it should be noted that NPR, which is a non-profit (but pays its employees, of course), has its executives as well, and former head Ken Stern received a $1.3 million payout. However, the current CEO, Karen Schiller, who came over from the Times, has taken a pay cut as NPR was forced to lay off around 102 employees. (Sound familiar?) Kudos to her.

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