Friday, October 01, 2010

Jamie "xx" Smith's "Far Nearer" Is Burialesque

The xx at Webster Hall, December 2009

The xx need to release a second album! Thankfully, Jamie Smith, the band's production mastermind and burger lover, has a new song to tide us over until then. "Far Nearer" has some Balaeric elements, with the tropical-sounding steel pad, and a soulful vocal part that's straight out of Untrue. The track just premiered on Britain's XFM, and a radio rip popped up on YouTube, and subsequently Abeano (via Pitchfork). Check it out:

The xx play with Warpaint and Zola Jesus at United Palace Theater, and tickets still appear to be available. I'm curious what the story is with that venue, as they hold shows there very sporadically. It was pretty cool the one time I went, but it's on 175 Street, so I imagine location is a big deterrent towards regular gigs!

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