Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blue Light: Azure Ray in San Francisco

Strangely enough, the members of Azure Ray might be louder on their respective solo albums than as a group. Maria Taylor's lovely 11:11 sports a fair amount of production, while Orenda Fink's Invisible Ones enlists a full-blown congregation. By contrast, this set is relatively minimal, mostly relying on the girls' voices and acoustic guitar. Despite the simplicity, it really gives me newfound appreciation for each of their voices. While the instrumentals don't elicit quite the same endearment, there's a nice balance between staying true to recorded material and adjusting to a live setting. Incidentally, Maria's second solo album, Lynn Teeter Flower, arrives on March 6th.

The show was recorded at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on December 6th, 2003.


1. Hold On Love
2. Sleep
3. Look To Me
4. The Drinks We Drank Last Night
5. Rise
6. These White Lights Will Bend To Make Blue
7. Dragonfly
8. Displaced
9. Beautiful Things Can Come From the Dark
10. November

Here are some album tracks, courtesy of the official site:

MP3: Azure Ray - Displaced
MP3: Azure Ray - November
MP3: Azure Ray - Seven Days

Hitched: Here

In other news...

Due to popular demand, previous shows from CocoRosie, The Postal Service and Lush have been uploaded again. If you'd like anything else, feel free to email me or leave a comment. Enjoy!

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