Sunday, February 11, 2007

All My Friends: Mew on P3

So I heard "The Zookeeper's Boy" by Mew playing over at Palladium the other day. It's still pretty shocking that the group's gotten so ubiquitous (in my immediate surroundings, anyhow), so quickly. But after revisiting the band's earlier work, I'm a bit surprised that they didn't receive more exposure earlier on. There's an incredible vitality that permeates the lightness of Jonas Bjerre's voice and the driving guitar and percussion. This isn't just conducive to hooks, but it makes them one of the most exciting contemporary rock bands out there, at least personally.

Here's a recording encompassing highlights from past and present work. Unfortunately, only a couple of songs are available individually, but this style is pretty consistent with And The Glass Handed Kites. Now, there are a couple of P3s out there, but I think this is mostly likely the rebroadcast of their Roskilde set. If anyone can translate the DJ, that might pin it down. Now, all they need to do is tour again...


MP3: Mew - Live P3 (Part I) [Link]

1.The Circuitry of the Wolf
2. Chinaberry Tree
3. Am I Wry? No
4. 156

MP3: Mew - Live P3 (Part II) [Link]

5. Snow Brigade
6. The Zookeeper's Boy [Link]
7. Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed
8. She Came Home For Christmas [Link]
9. Special
10. SheSpider
11. Apocalypso
12. Comforting Sounds

Catch You: Here

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