Friday, February 23, 2007

The Week That Was #7: Reparations

Apologies for the lateness of the update. Aside from various distractions, I was a bit uncertain where to go for this week, as my recent listens haven't drastically changed. But I finally gave the gigantic SXSW list a look (a green cassette means an mp3 is available for downloading), and basically Christmas came early. I guess I'm doing something right, because a number of the artists jumped out at me.

Emilie Simon isn't playing SXSW, but she's at the top of the week, so a blurb seems most appropriate. I got into her after seeing a feature at the lovely Music is Art, and Thievery Corp's remix of "Desert" has entranced me since then. It wasn't until last week that I heard the original version, which is just as good. I've also included the English version, which is bundled with various bonus tracks to the album.

MP3: Emilie Simon - Desert
MP3: Emilie Simon - Desert (English Version)
Buy: Here

Kate Havnevik appeared last week courtesy of Carmen Rizzo, and this one's another collaboration. It's not that I don't appreciate her solo work; her Imogen Heapesque delivery works really well with the various electronic textures on Melankton. But this track basically supersedes, well, just about every pop song I've come across. I've referred to it obliquely whenever mentioning her, and it's about darn time I shared it.

MP3: Röyksopp - Only This Moment
Buy: Here

I put up Errors' remix of Mogwai's "Auto Rock" a few weeks ago without knowing who or what Errors were. Turns out they're (yet another) group out of Glasgow, but one that's making electronic noise instead of utilizing guitar (or piano). Their mini-album, the cheekily titled How Clean Is Your Acid House? seems to have gotten quite a bit of support across the pond, and I can see why. Here's the lead track.

MP3: Errors - Mr. Milk
Buy: Here

And we're back in Glasgow. Former Delgado Emma Pollock is playing a couple solo acoustic shows (dates) in New York in a few weeks. It's a far cry from the orchestral density of her previous band, but simplicity is hardly a compromise when her lovely voice comes in force. Her solo album should come out sometime early this year, and it's one of my greatly anticipated releases. And, okay, full disclosure - I'm interviewing her tomorrow. More developments soon.

MP3: Emma Pollock - Limbs
Buy: Here

Headlights have gotten a decent amount of attention in the blogosphere, balancing those ubiquitous shoegazing influences for something far lighter and accessible. It's a wonder I haven't mentioned them more frequently, but I've been listening to their debut, Kill Them With Kindness, pretty frequently over the last week. Here's an early highlight, full of momentum, but perhaps as a result over a little too quickly.

MP3: Headlights - TV
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Immaculate Machine is anchored by Katherine Calder, niece of the New Pornographer's A.C. Newman. She's definitely got the same powerpop blood, even doing all the vocals on this allegedly A.C. track, "Transcanada." That's not to say that IM's all about Kat, as guitarist Brooke Gallupe and drummer Luke Kozlowski all contribute vocal work, as seen on the great track "Broken Ship."

MP3: Immaculate Machine - Broken Ship
MP3: A.C. Newman - Transcanada
Buy: Here

From Vancouver, we hop (or sail) down to Seattle. I don't really know much about Tullycraft, although name sounds vaguely familiar. However, my initial impressions are uniformly positive: endearing, jangly pop delivery, bloggerfied home page, and mp3 generosity. I approve, and I will definitely give the band a more in-depth listen.

MP3: Tullycraft - Stowaway
Buy: Here

And, to wrap all this up, here's a recent interview with Daniel Kessler of SXSW "headliners" Interpol. Lots of interesting tidbits here, including a confirmed track title, "Mammoth." That should be interesting!

MP3: Interpol Interview, Lamacq Show, Feb 15th, 2007


Sorry, I overlooked Au Revoir Simone's single from their upcoming album, the Bird of Music. According to Pitchfork, they're right around Paris tonight, which works out nicely with the etymology. This sophomore release looks like a much more developed work than the too-short Verses. I'm definitely looking forward to that one.

MP3: Au Revoir Simone - Fallen Snow
Buy: Bere

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Aram ZS said...

I'm really liking Tullycraft's music, went to the site and grabbed the DLs. Good stuff.

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