Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Alpha Male: The Postal Service in Minneapolis

The more I revisit the Postal Service's Give Up, the more I grow to appreciate it. "Such Great Heights" was, after all, my first encounter with Ben Gibbard's earnest songwriting. At times, I almost think Jimmy Tamborello's electronics serve as a better complement than Death Cab. It really is the best of both worlds; while the band ventures into continually interesting instrumentals, there's always that pop sensibility that holds it all together.

So with Chris Walla busy with production duties and Death Cab on hiatus, now would seem a prime chance to get that tremendously anticipated sophomore release. Unfortunately, it seems a long shot at best, especially if Jimmy's releasing more material under Dntel in the Spring. So, it's back to the past. Here's a set recorded on April 25th, 2003 in Minneapolis, with indie saint Jenny Lewis present.


1. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
2. We Will Become Silhouettes
3. Sleeping In
4. Nothing Better
5. Recycled Air
6. Clark Gable
7. This Place Is A Prison
8. There's Never Enough Time
9. Brand New Colony
10. Such Great Heights
11. Natural Anthem
12. Against All Odds (Phil Collins Cover)

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1 comment:

d16 said...

yeah it will be awesome to heard a new LP from Postal service, dunno when will happend this! i think we'll have to wait a long time =s


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