Wednesday, February 07, 2007

In The Mix: Miss Kitten and Vitalic at Fuse

I guess it's not that surprising that I feel an empathy towards DJs. I mean, I think every music fan - particularly one as fascinated with electronic music as myself - desires to wield the turntables, no matter how embarrassing such an event might be. The proliferation of remixes into generally non-electronic realms has also led to a pretty egalitarian institution, at least from my skewed perspective. I mean, even the most interconnected groups pale in comparison to the level of collaboration and teamwork that's so central to electronica.

Miss Kitten and Vitalic display this teamwork in the following DJ set, recorded at the club Fuse in Brussels, Belgium on May 18th, 2002. Both artists aren't just content reworking other material, but have a number of original releases in addition to collaborations. This sort of music isn't for everyone, but for those who appreciate it, I think it offers a musical experience that's totally unique.


1. Part 1
2. Part 2
3. Part 3
4. Part 4
5. Part 5
6. Part 6
7. Part 7
8. Part 8
9. Part 9
10. Part 10

Buy: Here and Here

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