Saturday, February 10, 2007

Where Are You Now? Metric EPs

Okay, MediaFire is pretty unsatisfying when it comes to direct linking, but it is reliable. To cover all my bases, I'm also going to upload files into MyDataBus, so each song will now have direct links and click-throughs, in that order. Hopefully, there won't be any problems in getting files from now on.

Thanks to Matt for reminding me that Metric is opening for the aforementioned Bloc Party in England, at least for a couple more days. While that's great for residents of the UK, I can't help but feel a little left out, despite the recent visits from Emily. Although the band is releasing another single (a bit of an odd choice in "Empty") in a few days, that dreaded hiatus is looming.

I've discussed my rather underwhelming first impression of the group a couple times, and also the subsequent appreciation after hearing earlier material. As I've said, as good as moments on Live It Out are, it remains a wee bit abrasive for my tastes, although news from Billboard suggests that the next album will be less so. But these are some of the most lo-fi tracks from the group, they're also some of the most appealing. While these EPs aren't quite as trip-hop-esque and pleasing as Grow Up and Blow Away (which has been uploaded again), that irresistible Metric charm is very much intact.


Static Anonymity EP

1. Grow Up and Blow Away [Link]
2. Siamese Cities [Link]
3. Down [Link]
4. Soft Rock Star [Link]
5. London Halflife [Link]

Mainstream EP

1. Butcher [Link]
2. The People [Link]
3. The Battlecry [Link]
4. The Mandate [Link]
5. The Lifestyle [Link]

Bonus Tracks:

MP3: Metric - Combat Baby (Demo) [Link]
MP3: Metric - Dr. Blind [Link]
MP3: Delerium - Stopwatch Hearts (ft. Emily Haines) [Link]

IOU: Here

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