Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monarch: Erlend Øye Black Session

Erlend Øye is a man of many guises: DJ, electropop collaborator, singer-songwriter, and most recently, frontman. But throughout these various endeavors, his distinctively understated voice remains the centerpiece. His Black Session, recorded on February 12, 2003, draws most of its material from his solo release, Unrest. While I haven't heard the studio tracks, these live songs are a pleasant concoction of electronic landscapes and bittersweet vocals, a strong combination. The closer, a mellow take on the sublime Röyksopp track "Remind Me," is a highlight. Speaking of which, does Erlend's bespeckled appearance remind anyone of Jarvis?

1. Ghost Trains
2. Every Party
3. A While Ago and Recently
4. Fall
5. Summer Go
6. Prego Amore
7. The Black Keys Work
8. Remind Me

Gold For The Price Of Silver: Here


Michael said...

thanks i really enjoyed this one

juju said...

i am looking for this "black session" for quite a while and didn't reach to find it!
Could you please share again or indicate a way to buy it?

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