Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Solution: Arcade Fire on KCRW

Salvation, thy name is MediaFire, back to uploading!

This post is a nostalgia trip. I "discovered" Arcade Fire (as you'll hear in the interview, "the" is optional), in retrospect, probably a good few months after they made their gigantic debut with Funeral. This was a number of years ago, back when I watched MTV2, so I guess exposure is understandably delayed. Before I even heard the album, I came across a few of the songs from this set, but unfortunately I never really gave them a listen, not that I would have been able to appreciate it back in my musical infancy.

But after hearing both albums and watching the band sell off a slew of dates right on campus, I can really understand the quality. But it isn't just a list of great tracks, but also an enlightening experience. I'm actually going to be doing my first interview tomorrow afternoon (details upcoming, of course), but here's a pretty great example of one. I didn't know that Win was so feisty...or a Texan. Anyhow, it was recorded on KCRW on January 17th 2005, and you'd imagine that the band will be returning to the station soon.

These are click-through links; sorry it isn't ideal.


1. Intro [Link]
2. Wake Up [Link]
3. Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles) [Link]
4. Vampire/Forest Fire [Link]
5. Interview [Link]
6. Intervention [Link]
7. Born On A Train (Magnetic Fields Cover) [Link]
8. In The Back Seat [Link]
9. Outro [Link]

Post-mortem: Here

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