Sunday, April 08, 2007

Cut Copy: Editors at Rock am Ring

(via Flickr)

Editors are finally touring again, but unfortunately only across the pond. I got all excited after seeing this event listing, which seems to be derived from Ticketmaster, but it's almost definitely not the band in question; one would assume that not even Roseland could not contain such an obscenely stacked lineup. Still, these are promising signs. Things have been rather quiet on the Editors front for a number of months, even while The Back Room has been on pretty constant rotation over the same period of time.

After hearing this set, recorded at Rock am Ring, June 2nd - 4th, 2006, it's pretty apparent that the band is not merely good in the studio. The percussion is thunderous, the guitars nervy and precise, and Tom Smith's vocals dead-on. Hopefully, us state-side folks will have a chance to experience the real deal soon. There's also a new song present entitled "Bones." Oh, and I couldn't resist including a really interesting Gorillaz cover, which I believe was recording on BBC Radio.

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