Monday, April 16, 2007

Aqueous Transmission: Broadcast on KEXP

This post marks our two hundredth and first. To say that things have exceeded my initial expectations would be a gross understatement, but I'd like to think that my original intentions are still being followed: to share music that I'm passionate about, and perhaps as a side effect, to improve my writing and meet some cool people. Some of those latter folks would be Rodney of B(oot)log, Frank of Chromewaves, Derek of Good Weather For Airstrikes, Danielle of Music Is Art, Tanmay of Musicality, Jennings of rbally (please come back again!), Elizabeth of Wassup Rockers, and of course, Arivia for taking the time to help out. Thanks to everyone for their support!

So, I guess I just use big round numbers (or thereabouts) as an excuse to post Broadcast. These tracks come off their most recent full length, Tender Buttons, and I really should listen to them more. The set was recorded on KEXP on October 30th, 2005.


1. Intro
2. America's Boy
3. Black Cat
4. Interview Part I
5. Corporeal
6. Interview Part II
7. I Found The F
8. Outro

Colour Me In: Here


CircleCircle said...

Broadcast is amazing

rgsc said...

Congrats on the milestone and thanks for the love.

If you feel like a roadtrip in August you should think about heading north for the Wolfe Island Music Fest (its only 350 miles from NYC including a ferry ride). I'll be there and I'm pretty sure Frank will be going, too. It could be a little blogger bonanza.

Keep up the great work.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the mention and congrats! I hope I last that long, haha.

Also: Broadcast is the shiznit.

rgsc said...

Ogdensburg, eh? You're practically there already - you'd be crazy not to come down the 401 for the show if you were already upstate in August.

Seriously, give it some thought.


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