Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Books: Belle and Sebastian at Coachella

In a very short period of time, Scotland has become a source of some my favorite bands. While Belle and Sebastian fall into the former nationality, they unfortunately lack the latter classification. Despite their preeminent status as twee group extraordinaire, my experiences have been unremarkable, although that's probably due to my own lack of effort. I'm sorry to say that the most intriguing thing I've heard about the band to date is that members of Múm appear on the cover of one of their albums.

Thus, another reason I'm thankful for the existence of live sets is that they provide an opportunity to experience the band in a unique way, perhaps one that's more accessible than a studio cut. Again, some personality leaks through, and much like their pleasant, unassuming music, the band seems like a genuinely happy bunch, although the subject matter of their songs isn't always sunny. This show dates back to May 2nd, 2004.


1. I Fought In A War
2. Step Into My Office, Baby
3. The Model
4. Judy and the Dream of Horses
5. You Don't Send Me
6. The Stars of Track and Field
7. If You Find Yourself Caught In Love
8. Roy Walker
9. Stay Looser
10. Sleep The Clock Around

Asleep On A Train: Here


matt said...

Hi. Same problem with track lengths as Lamb and The Chemicals. I tried to just click thru and play in quicktime with the same result.

Anonymous said...

Love Stars of Track and Field! They just announced some new tour dates! Check out the tour schedule on their website

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