Friday, April 27, 2007

Nightsongs: Massive Attack at Coachella

(via Flickr)

It's late, probably too late to be doing this. But in many ways, now is the perfect time to be immersed in Massive Attack's nocturnal sounds. Ideally, they'd soundtrack every insomniac's existence, because the group doesn't merely convey a sense of darkness; they embrace it. This recording from April 20th, 2006 is particularly downtempo, as the band seems to have stripped things down in the sultry California dusk. The understandably Mezzanine-heavy set is pretty reflective of where the band is now, and hopefully their next album, Weather Underground, will come sooner rather than later.


1. Intro
2. False Flags
3. Risingson
4. Man Next Door
5. Future Proof
6. Karmacoma
7. Teardrop
8. Angel
9. Safe From Harm
10. Inertia Creeps
11. Unfinished Sympathy
12. Group Four

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