Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In Memoriam: Sleater-Kinney at Coachella

My first taste of Sleater-Kinney wasn't particularly sweet. Abrasive, discordant guitar and screechy, if fiery, female vocals did little for my inner (not to mention outer) pop fan. But as the months passed, I think my view of the group has become a little more sophistication, despite the fact that they don't occupy the swoon-inducing pedestal of various other groups. While respect isn't the best substitute for adoration, they're definitely deserving of it, with a longevity that is unprecedented for any band, punky or otherwise. Of course, this all came to an end last summer, as the band announced that dreaded "indefinite hiatus."

Thus, this set is a fitting tribute of sorts. Recorded on April 30th, 2006, it's one of S-K's last shows, and despite my general ignorance, I think it's safe to say that the band has rarely sounded better. In addition, the sprinkling of dialogue, particular the bit involving Madonna, further enforces how down-to-earth, how downright likeable, the band is. While I have yet to undertake a focused overview of their discography, this recording makes a very good case for doing just that.


1. What's Mine Is Yours
2. Jumpers
3. Rollercoaster
4. Sympathy
5. Oh!
6. The Fox
7. Banter
8. Get Up
9. Modern Girl
10. Step Aside
11. Let's Call It Love / Entertain

What's Yours Is Mine: Here

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Anthony said...

THANK YOU^∞ for sharing this phenomenal performance! My thoughts on this perennially vital band were not unlike yours a few years ago. Having acquired the grace of musical enlightenment, S-K quickly became my favorite band. I own virtually everything they've committed[officially]to record. And thanks to your generous blog, I hope to match that in unoffical recordings. In short, thanks again and I hope you become ÜBERdiscernable with Sleater-Kinney and their awe-inspiring discography in the near future. Take care.

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