Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pleasure From The Bass: Lamb at Drum Rhythm

Although Lamb is similar to many artists that I enjoy, at least according to, it's taken a while for me to really get into them. While their native Manchester is known for music of a much different style, you can consider them honorary Bristolians (Bristolers?), as they blend trip-hop moods with more uptempo drum 'n bass. Vocalist Lou Rhodes has a distinctive delivery, and while it's not as pretty as some of her peers, it definitely gives their sound a significant human element. While not the most acclaimed or virtuosic group of their genre, Lamb are nonetheless very worth hearing.

I'm not exactly sure about the date of this set, but it was recorded at the Drum Rhythm Festival in Amsterdam. It's unclear what the status of Lamb is at the present, as their 2005 show at the Paradiso was supposedly their last live appearance. However, Lou did release a solo album just last year on her own label, Infinite Bloom, and I'd assume that we haven't heard the last from the group as a whole.


1. Little Things
2. B Line
3. Lusty
4. All In Your Hands
5. Cotton Wool
6. Ear Parcel
7. Alien
8. Softly
9. Fly
10. Cold
11. Gorecki
12. Bonfire

Cotton Crush: Here

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