Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Triple Digits: Broadcast Black Sessions

Wow. I'm not quite sure why we have such a fascination with big, round numbers, but the idea of "one hundred posts" is very exciting. I merely speculated about reaching this point when I started out, and after a bit of a ragged summer posting-wise, the future of the blog was definitely questionable. But the last few months have been really great, and that's as much a product of the amazing city that I'm living in as all the awesome people that have stopped by. Thanks in particular to Rodney of B(oot)log, Frank of Chromewaves, Danielle of Music Is Art, and Jennings of rbally for their support, as well as everyone who's taken the time to check us out. A super-special thank you to Arivia for taking the time to contribute. Remember, if you'd like anything uploaded at all, contact me or leave a comment!

While we're in the midst of end-of-year insanity and all the retrospection that entails, I'm sure many of us are still craving fresh listens. Unfortunately, Broadcast is one of those bands that I should really hear more of, but the upside is that this set is as new to me as it might be to you. Their 2006 release was a compilation of rarities entitled The Future Crayon, and their last full-length, Tender Buttons, was hailed as one of the best of 2005. That ubiquitous Stereolab comparison is valid here, but an interesting shift has occurred, as Broadcast has changed from a full band to their current status as a duo. And while their sound remains gentle (although they really rock out in the set below), there's definitely some darkness present, which makes things much more interesting.

This set was recorded on April 5th, 2000 as part of Maison de Radio's excellent Black Sessions.


1. Long Was The Year
2. Where Youth And Laughter Go
3. Message From Home
4. Echo's Answer
5. Dead The Long Year
6. Look Outside
7. Come On Let's Go
8. Interlude
9. Unchanging Window
10. Papercuts
11. Lights Out
12. Hammer Without A Master

Receiver: Here

In other news...

Final notice, Arizona and Arms are playing a free show at the Europa Club at 9 pm tonight. I'll be there, and I hope you will too.

A.V. Club has an interview with Maynard of Tool. I'll be doing a term paper on them some time this week (lucky!), and expect a lengthy transcription and another recording at some point.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this stuff!

However, tracks #9 & #12 do not play after download. They're basically blank files. And #7 is just part of the song. If you could fix these, that would be awesome.


Anonymous said...

Scratch that last post, got 'em to work.


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