Sunday, November 12, 2006

Danse Macabre: The Faint in Providence

The Faint
are touring in a few weeks, and, as seems to be the trend, they won't be coming here. That's a shame, as their dystopian-yet-danceable dark wave seems perfectly attuned to Gotham. I remember hearing "Agenda Suicide" when I still listened to the radio, and upon further investigation, I was a bit shocked to find them not only signed to the same label as the enigmatic Bright Eyes, but that Conor Oberst was a former member. Granted, I had constricted Conor to the country-twinged singer-songwriter, and in the context of Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, the connection seems far more feasible. Nonetheless, there aren't too many bands, particularly those from Omaha, that have combined such, well, depressing elements and created something so catchy.

This set was recorded at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island, in support of the aforementioned Bright Eyes. I even found the poster!


1. Southern Belles in London Sing
2. Glass Danse
3. In Concert
4. Your Retro Career Melted
5. Desperate Guys
6. Erection
7. The Conductor
8. I Disappear
9. Posed To Death
10. Paranoiattack
11. Let The Poison Spill From Your Throat
12. Birth
13. Drop Kick The Punks
14. Agenda Suicide
15. Worked Up So Sexual

Agenda Credicide: Here

In other news...

is amazing.
Download: Find A Way

The Rangers' winning streak came to an end against Washington. Oh well, not a bad week at all. Interested parties should check out the latest episode of Puck Podcast.


Matt said...

I'm Wide Awake by Bright Eyes is one of my favourite cd's and well worth a listen. Do you have the Bright Eyes show?

Roland said...

Sorry, I don't. Try asking around a Bright Eyes forum or just check out Motion Sickness.

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