Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Pioneers: Slowdive in Toronto

My exploration of shoegaze continues with Slowdive, another decidedly magical group. I suppose my initial exposure to the band came through Mojave 3, although as more of a nominal connection than a sonic one, as I haven't really listened to them much at all. It's undoubtedly a byproduct of our information-overloaded age, as well as my own complexion, that I feel the need to contextualize a band, often before listening to a single song by them. In any case, Slowdive is deservedly one of the prominent shoegazing bands, and Souvlaki has been
a recent favorite of mine.

This set was recorded at Lee's Palace in Toronto on May 12th, 1994.


1. Machine Gun
2. Souvlaki Space Station
3. Slowdive
4. Catch The Breeze
5. 40 Days
6. Avalyn
7. Melon Yellow
8. When The Sun Hits
9. Alison
10. Losing Today
11. Morningrise

Missing You: Here

In other news...

I went to that insane Architecture show last night, and I'll be checking out Straylight Run shortly. Expect a dedicated concert post with copious photography, which should make up for the lack of coverage in that department. Incidentally, Straylight has a new song streaming in their MySpace.

Pitchfork's brisk coverage continues, including a shot of The Blow. I can totally relate to their Skirball blurb as well: "The smattering of New York University kids who arrived early--'I've got, like, two papers due tomorrow'...'Dude, why are you even HERE?'" Clearly, we have our priorities straight.

The Rangers are on a winning streak!


Matt said...

Thanks for posting this. I have only very recently got into the band following an introduction from MIA. Where should I start with Mojave 3 cd's?

Roland said...

Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately, I'm still not really familiar with Mojave, but AMG seems to like 'em all. I just asked Frank of Chromewaves and he seconded that sentiment. I'm personally going to start with Puzzles Like You, since it's supposedly nice and poppy, but Ask Me Tomorrow might be the most Slowdivesque. I hope that helps somewhat...

frank said...

slowdive broke up in 1995.

Matt said...

Yes thanks.

Roland said...

@ Frank: Right, the show's from '94; thanks for catching that.

@ Matt: I finally got to Puzzles, and it's a fun album. I'll try out Ask Me Tomorrow next.

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