Friday, November 10, 2006

Chilled To Perfection: Röyksopp Black Sessions

While typing up last night's post, I finally gave Röyksopp's Melody A.M. a conclusive listen, and it's a shame I've neglected it for so long. I really gotten into Röyky after hearing "Only This Moment," which features Liz Fraser-worthy hooks from fellow Norwegian Kate Havnevik. The rest of that album, The Understanding, is simply electro-pop fun, and includes an appearance from the reclusive Karin Dreijer of The Knife on "What Else Is There?" However, it received a significantly lower response from critics, who cited a lack of innovation, particularly when considering the uniqueness displayed on Melody.

As much as I like The Understanding, I can't really argue; Melody is really an otherworldly creature. The distinctive video for "Remind Me" may be one of the more prominent songs, but the video version is really a popped up remake reminiscent of later work. Melody is, above all, a chillout album, but one that remains interesting throughout, tickling the brain with an eclectic mix of instrumentation, electronic effects, and laid-back vocals. I find "Poor Leno," "Eple," "Sparks" to be more representative tracks.

Here's their Black Session, which features highlights from Melody as well as a bit of nonalbum content.


1. Intro
2. Banter
3. Your Hands
4. So Easy
5. Röyksopp's Night Out
6. Om Ravpuling
7. Poor Leno
8. Mekon Remix
9. She's So
10. A Higher Place
11. Eple
12. Remind Me

Remind You: Here

In other news...

Bloc Party's drummer Matt Tong suffered a collapsed lung, forcing the band to cancel a few shows, including the MSG dates. Best of luck in recovering, Matt!

The Late Greats has Feist's World Cafe Sessions.

The Rangers play the first of two in two nights against in Atlanta this evening.

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