Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Succexy: Stereolab at Cat's Cradle

As promised, here's some Stereolab. I find it unfair that such an influential band is so grossly underappreciated. By combining the retro and futuristic, they've had a profound impact on the whole "indielectronica" thing, as evidenced by Lali Puna and Broadcast. Lætitia Sadier's delicious French vocals are also reiterated by such as Ivy and Feist. In a word, smooth.

Here's a set recorded at Cat's Cradle on March 22nd, 2006.


1. Come and Play In The Milky Night
2. Eye of the Volcano
3. Vonal Declosion
4. Visionary Road Maps
5. Need To Be
6. Interlock
7. Pack Yr Romantic Mind
8. Excursions Into Oh, A-Oh
9. I Feel The Air (Of Another Planet)
10. Mountain
11. Miss Modular
12. Whisper Pitch
13. Sudden Stars
14. Vodiak
15. Cybele's Reverie
16. Interlude
18. We're Not Adult Oriented

Want Fries With That? Here

In other news...

CMJ is upon us.

The Knife
play two (sold out) shows at Webster Hall tonight.

Watch "Heartbeats:" Here

Buzz bands Tapes 'n Tapes and Annuals play in-stores at Other Music this week. Tapes play at 1 pm today; Annuals play on Friday at noon.

NYU's own Skirball Center hosts the Walkmen and guests Thursday evening at 8 pm.

Ben Lee plays at Irving Plaza tonight as well. I'll be seeing his countrymen, Architecture in Helsinki, on Friday.

Watch "Catch My Disease:" Here
Live Recordings: Here


Anonymous said...

I have never checked out Stereolab before, but I really like this set! Thanks for the heads-up on such a great band. Nice post!

Roland said...

Thanks, glad you like them!

Bushwick is Beautiful said...

thanks again

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