Sunday, November 26, 2006

French Disko: Daft Punk at the Rex Club

Whew. I hope your Thanksgiving was as enjoyably unproductive as mine was.

I suppose this is simply an extension of a predominantly French music slant that I've been lately, whether through Emilie Simon via Music Is Art or Charlotte Gainsbourg. While both of those chanteuses have a fair bit of electronic production (as well as cinematic-centric experience), Daft Punk has...a bit more.

This set was recorded at the Rex Club in Paris on May 15th, 1997. In the context of the constraints of traditional songcraft, it's a bit hard to sit through an hour of beeps and bloops. (Corollary: you should be dancing!) Yet, there's something fascinating to me about constructing music (or musique, if you will) so technologically. Anyways, I think hearing it live gives their sound a new aspect, and I suppose that's the general reaction, particularly in the context of their appearance in the past Coachella. There's something frenetic, yet controlled, in the live mix.


1. Alive
2. Musique
3. Teachers
4. Da Funk
5. Fresh
6. Phoenix
7. Rollin' & Scratchin'
8. High Fidelity
9. Burnin
10. Oh Yeah
11. Rock'n Roll
12. Around The World
13. The Chase

Study Up: Here

In other news...

The New York Times has a rather exciting playlist today, with appearances by Tool, Britt Daniel of Spoon, and Destroyer.

I was pleased to witness the Rangers' dramatic 2-1 OT win over the Penguins yesterday. Apparently, they came back from a two goal deficit and got a point out of the game with Buffalo tonight. No complaints here.

I also continued the movie binge and saw Volver on Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, it was another instance of personal taste defeating critical response, although I was pleased to hear Saint Etienne playing at a random point in the film (as confirmed by Wikipedia).


Matt said...

Hi, glad you had a good break. Track 7 is a GIF file (not MP3). Can you fix it?

Roland said...

Fixed, thanks for the heads-up. I guess Filexoom doesn't like & symbols.

Matt said...


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