Sunday, November 19, 2006

Unsheathed: The Knife at Webster Hall

I suppose while we're on electronica, I might as well throw The Knife out there as well. It's still a bit surreal that such an unconventional band, whether in appearance, touring methodology and overall freakishness, would simply explode onto the collective musical culture in the past few months. They are unique, not only as an entity, but in renouncing, perhaps even transcending, the burdens of identity that seem so paramount in today's music industry.

This was their well-documented first appearance in America, recorded at our very own Webster Hall on November 1st, 2006. As you've probably heard, the visual aspect of their performance was mind-blowing, and they've just released a DVD visual companion to Silent Shout.

Setlist courtesy of Stereogum:

1. Pass This On
2. The Captain
3. We Share Our Mother’s Health
4. You Make Me Like Charity
5. Marble House
6. Forest Families
7. Kino
8. Heartbeats
9. Silent Shout
10. From Off To On
11. Like a Pen


Full Set: Here
Knives Out: Here

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