Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fraternité: Emilie Simon on FIP

One of the most satisfying parts of our region of the blogging universe is the sense of community that exists. While we're all shaped by our disparate tastes and inclinations, we're all united, to some degree, by our appreciation for music. A great example of this occurred last week, when I was introduced to Emilie Simon over at Music Is Art. As mentioned within, Emilie's been featured on Thievery Corporation's Versions (definitely check out that great remix of "Desert"), and also composed the soundtrack to La Marche de l'Empereur, or its English incarnation, March of the Penguins. A bit of poster investigation reveals that her work is unfortunately absent from the latter, but it's nonetheless significant. There seems to be quite a trend of French artists who dabble in both cinema and musique (more on that tomorrow), and this connection lends a really stylish quality to Emilie's work.

Happily, French radio is as good as French cinema. This great set was broadcast on FIP on May 22nd, 2006. You really get a sense of the eclecticism of Emilie's influences; the songs move from an electronica to more traditional singer-songwriter style, just as her own duality is manifest in French and English vocals. It closes with a nice cover, and I'm always partial to those.


1. Dame de Lotus
2. Fleur de Saison
3. Rose Hybride de Thé
4. In The Lake
5. Sweet Blossom
6. Annie
7. Swimming
8. Opium
9. Le Vieil Amant
10. Ice Girl
11. All Is White
12. I Wanna Be Your Dog
13. Song of the Storm
14. Never Fall In Love
15. Desert
16. Alicia
17. En Cendres
18. My Old Friend
19. Graines d'Etoiles
20. Flowers
21. True Colors (Cyndi Lauper Cover)

Flower Power: Here


a.toledo. said...

I Totally love Emilie's Music, i believe there is a lot of concept in it, every song in Vegetal is completely different from the others but still there is this same odd feeling of being a flower. The highlights are "Fleur de Saison", "Dame de Lothus" and "In The Lake"

Roland said...

Yeah, flowers are all over the place in her music. I've had "Dame de Lotus" stuck in my head the last couple days; it's so good. Thanks for stopping by.

a.toledo. said...

By any chance do you have "Papillon" and "Ferraille"?

Roland said...

No, I don't, sorry. Try asking Danielle over at Music Is Art. Good luck.

music is art said...

there is nothing better than the connection of music :) thankyou roland!

The Sound of Musique said...

Hey A.toledo,
Ferraille has been posted on my blog.

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