Monday, November 06, 2006

Garden State: Zero 7 in London

Zero 7 continues the trend of production duos. What's a bit of a distinction is that the vocalists that appear on their recent release The Garden, Sia Furler and José González, have gained a fair amount of exposure as solo artists. Even those that aren't aware of these individuals may have chanced upon "Breathe Me" or the cover of "Heartbeats," respectively. Such is the power of mass media, and I'm totally for it. (Incidentally, the Knife's upcoming DVD looks wicked.) And yes, while we're on the subject, "In The Waiting Line" appears on the Garden State soundtrack. Zach Braff was, like, indie when I thought it was an ethnicity, man. Anyways, I've really enjoyed The Garden, as the focus on pure songwriting makes the whole downtempo thing that much more accessible.

I'm not totally sure on the date of this recording, but it's tagged as London 2001. In any case, it's quality stuff. Sia's soulful delivery graces the set, as do pre-Garden contributors Mozez and Sophie Barker.


1. Polaris
2. I Have Seen
3. Simple Things
4. Salt Water Sound
5. Distractions
6. Destiny
7. In The Waiting Line
8. Look Up
9. Spinning
10. Red Dust
11. Give It Away
12. This World
13. Up With People
14. End Theme
15. Hot Fun In The Summertime (Sly & the Family Stone Cover)

In The Shopping Line: Here

In other news...

Pitchfork has a comprehensive wrap-up of their CMJ coverage. I should get my own Part II up shortly.

Okay, so the Rangers blew a 3-1 lead yesterday, but I'm pretty happy to get a point out of Buffalo. But when is Henrik going to start again?

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