Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Owls Go: Low in Paris

recently reported that Low will be releasing an album next year, entitled The Violet Path. I'm not really familiar with the band; my introduction actually came a few weeks ago. Former bassist Zak Sally wrote a piece on Tool for the Voice, which was met with consternation from the aforementioned Pitchfork folks. I later came across a remix of "Monkey" by Bob Mould, he of the Antics deluxe edition, which was enjoyable.

The band is classified as slowcore, a word that's vaguely reminiscent of the word shoegazer, at least as a method of etymology. However, while the latter depends on a roar of effects, Low is minimalist, although they seem to have gravitated more towards traditional rock on later works. I can't say it's my favorite style, but it's worth checking out.

This set was recorded in Paris in 2001. I'm aware that the band released an official live recording of Paris, but the track listing is different than this one.


1. John Prine
2. Laser Beam
3. Dinosaur Act
4. Medicine Magazines
5. Sunflower
6. Two-Step
7. I Remember
8. Kind of Girl
9. Lust
10. Embrace
11. Over The Ocean
12. Venus
13. Closer
14. In Metal
15. Starfire
16. I Started A Joke (The Beegees Cover)
17. Violence
18. Same

Things To Lose In The Fire: Here

In other news...

Blogger Beta is really nifty.

The Rangers are looking good, having gone 4-1-1 in their last six games.

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