Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fox Confessor: Rilo Kiley at Coachella

It's been a busy year for Rilo Kiley, although that's more as a result of Blake Sennett and Jason Boesel's efforts with the Elected, and Jenny Lewis' forays into soul with the Watson Twins. The band members are definitely a well-connected bunch; any indie kid worth his laptop has probably heard Jenny's efforts with the Postal Service. Fittingly, Ben Gibbard guests on Rabbit Fur's "Handle With Care," along Conor Oberst and M. Ward. Of particular esoteric significance is the appearance of Stacy of Eisley (who played their final show of the year last night) on the Elected's Sun, Sun, Sun. Incidentally, you can see Blake drumming on "Sea King," hosted by Orange, Gold & Green.

Of course, all these connections don't diminish the fact that Rilo Kiley is a great band in its own right. Jenny is strong vocalist, with a far more immediate delivery than most of her peers. Yet, she maintains a vulnerability and complexity that's elevated her to the status of indie saint. I'm not nearly as enamoured with Blake's delivery, but his skill as a multi-instrumentalist is impressive in its own right. You can't really ask for more in a band.

Here's their appearance at Coachella on April 30th, 2005. Hopefully, we'll be getting word soon on who's performing there next year.


1. It's A Hit
2. Portions For Foxes
3. Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight That Surrounds You
4. I Never
5. Ripchord
6. More Adventurous
7. The Execution of All Things
8. Pull Me In Tighter
9. Does He Love You?
10. Outro

Simply Irresistible: Here

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