Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm Prayin' For Tidal Waves: Tool at Coachella

While I was able to catch Tool (but not Isis) on Friday, pictures are not yet forthcoming. Suffice to say that the show was as epic, much like the following, recorded at the one and only Coachella Music Festival on April 30th, 2006.


1. Stinkfist
2. The Pot
3. Forty Six & 2
4. Jambi
5. Schism
6. The Patient
7. Sober
8. Lateralus
9. Vicarious
10. Ænema

Learn To Swim: Here

In other news...

The New York Times has a review of the Massive Attack show I attended. If a publication of such prominence is willing to use "beatscapes," I'll happily continue cofabricating words as well.

As a New Yorker, I guess I'm obliged to touch upon the various sporting catastrophes of the past couple days. It seems rather conclusive that the Yankees' golden age is behind us, and it's disgusting how swiftly the Yanks are willing to cut ties with Joe Torre. While certain segments of the aforementioned population might view the Mets' advancement as equally obscene, I wouldn't mind one of our teams doing well.

Happily, the Rangers' outlook is bright, although I'm probably of a small minority of hockey fans in the area. Apparently, enjoying all those Canadian artists has had some supplementary effects. The real sports-related outrage is, esoterically, that we don't get MSG in our dorms.

Until next time...

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