Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Interlude: Smashing Pumpkins

Since it's Halloween, I figured I'd share some darker songs. While browsing through various peers' mixes, I was somewhat amused to find that a lot of those songs were present on my normal playlists. Perhaps I'm just a latent goth. This also serves as a bit of a retrospective on my last few weeks of blogging. I've included links to past posts wherever appropriate.


"Bring along your tricks and trade/ We will lie here/Here we lay"
Eisley - Many Funerals (Live at the Norva)

"...the cadaverous mob save their doors for the dead men"
Interpol - A Time To Be So Small (Precipitate EP Version)

"Blood into my hands I can't deny"
Lacuna Coil - When A Dead Man Walks (Live at Wacken)

"Woke up in the evening/To the sound of screaming/Through the walls it was bleeding"
Ladytron - International Dateline (Live KCRW)
More: Here and Here

"We would struggle through the dub daze"
Massive Attack - Risingson (Live in Stockholm)
More: Here

"Strung out until ripped apart"
Portishead - Mysterons (Live in Portugal)
More: Here

"It is now the witching hour/Murderers, you're murderers"
Radiohead - The Gloaming (Live at Coachella)
More: Here

"Closer comes the screaming knife/This beautiful creature must die"
The Smiths - Meat Is Murder (Live 1985)

"To ascend you must die/You must be crucified"
Tool - Eulogy (Live at Coachella)
More: Here

"Pumpkin/You're hollow within"
Tricky w/ Goldfrapp - "Pumpkin" (Live at the Phoenix Festival)
More: Here and Here

Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

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