Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ü2K6: Less Fish

I guess I have a pretty transparent methodology as far as discovering new music is concerned. If it's not one place, it's another. In this case, it was here. We've gone over the various benefits and drawbacks of criticism, but I have to admit that I was biased from the start. I mean, the blurb really says it all, "UK electronica artist...instrumentation derived from real-world objects...features Dani Siciliano....samples 723 items...politically-charged dance tracks." Herbert doesn't just demonstrate electronic virtuosity like Matmos; he's an accessible, fun genius, which owes no small debt to Dani's fantastic vocal contributions (check out Slappers, her own release of the year). Scale is simply a wonderful album, combining a great pop sensibility with impeccable arrangements and emotional depth. But don't take my gushing for granted, go here and listen to four excellent tracks, along with much of his impressive body of work.

I'm not exactly sure what the deal is with the following tracks. They're apparently bonuses to Scale, but I wasn't aware that there was a deluxe version. Nor do they seem to correspond with any of the singles released (so far). In any case, if there's any problem with making them avaliable, simply contact me. Also, I've included a live BBC set, recorded in the Bodily Functions era.


Birds of a Feather (Bonus Track)
We're In Love (Bonus Track)
Movie Star (Bonus Track)
Down (Bonus Track)
The Movers and the Shakers (Bonus Track)
Flames (Bonus Track)

Herbert - Live at One World, Maida Vale

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Official Site: Here
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Chris (CPAOI) said...

Thanks for the commentary. My blog is just something I do to explore my personal (and still very young) foray into the vast ocean of music.

Your blog is very well done and I am definitely going to read/link it. Cheers.

Roland said...

Hey, thanks for the kind words, Chris. Really, blogging is all about exploring your personal interests, and shoegaze is a great place to explore. Just one other thing: I'd like to talk to you about Metric (and music in general). Hopefully I'll see you on AIM at some point.

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