Sunday, December 10, 2006

Soft Power: The Gathering in Chile

Goodness, it really has been a lazy Sunday. As promised, here's some live stuff from the Gathering. My listens have mainly been limited to Home, although yesterday I did take the trip through How To Measure A Planet? The latter includes the great track, "Liberty Bell" that starts things off here. This set was recorded in Teatro Caupolican, Chile on August 3rd, 2006, and provides a fine introduction to the band.


1. Liberty Bell
2. Even The Spirits Are Afraid
3. Shortest Day
4. In Between
5. Broken Glass
6. Probably Built In The Fifties
7. Analog Park
8. Saturnine
9. A Noise Severe
10. Souvenirs
11. Travel
12. In Motion #1
13. On Most Surface (Inuit)
14. Strange Machine
15. Black Light District

Conjure One: Here

In other news...

Dan of Prentious Prattle has a fine list of his 50 (!) Singles of 2006.

rbally has a recording of Silversun Pickups' appearanced on the Late Late Show; you can watch the video here.

The Rangers defeated the Panthers 2-1 for third season-high third win in a row. It's a far better showing than the last time Florida visited the Garden, a game I unfortunately attended.


Matt said...

Hello. Track 2 has been uploaded again as track 3.

P.S. Good news for Chile yesterday.

Matt said...

Track 12 is GIF not MP3. Moan over.

Roland said...

Fixed, sorry. Funnily enough, The Torture Garden mentioned Pinochet yesterday as well.

Roland said...

Apparently Filexoom still doesn't like funky characters. I'm going to try elsewhere, hold tight; it should be up in a few minutes.

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