Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Geography 5: AiH at WOXY

Sorry that things have been so slow on my side of things. As rejuvenating as winter break is, it almost seems that when I'm not obliged to do anything, I feel obliged to do nothing. Things are a bit sparse throughout the musical world anyhow, as the bulk of our content is either introspective or or anticipating the upcoming year.

The past twelve months really marked my evolution from casual listener to complete immersion in music, and what really defined this transition - aided considerably by my location - was the rather obscene number of concerts I attended. One night that really epitomized this insanity was that week of CMJ frenzy. Architecture in Helsinki was headlining that night, and I'm shocked that it's been almost three months, and that I actually managed to survive the five-band, six-hour marathon. As I said, I'm still not completely sure what to think of these guys. While they're quite unique, it's still a bit of an acquired taste, although some of the songs are fantastic. Like so many of their peers, the band recently released a remix compilation (unfortunately only available on import around here) entitled We Died They Remixed, which includes work from recent favorite Hot Chip and Y.A.C.H.T.

Hopefully 2007 will see a third album, but for now, here's their appearance at WOXY's Lounge Acts, recorded on June 8th 2005.


1. Intro
2. It'5!
3. Living Without You
4. Interview
5. The Owls Go
6. Maybe You Can Owe Me
7. Do The Whirlwind
8. Outro

What's In Store? Here

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