Sunday, December 03, 2006

Interlude: Vampires! Beatings! Cello!

The Proxy Launch Party, Barnard College - Dec. 2nd, 2006

I finally went uptown! After a pleasant subway ride last night, we found ourselves on 116th Street. Looking over my right shoulder, I glimpsed the pearly white gates of Columbia, although my actual destination was its sister school. For better or worse, it contained a similarly gated structure. I'm not really a fan of this whole "actual campus" thing, and while gates are impressive, it seems to defeat the purpose of living here. In any case, a short walk later and we arrived at the McIntosh Center.

"That last song was about post-colonialism."

We arrived in the midst of VW's set. Talk about a quintessential college band name, huh? They played a steady offering of indie rock. What I heard was enjoyable enough, although it doesn't particularly stand out in a super-saturated genre. The above official site has a few tracks, and a full length album will apparently be forthcoming shortly.


Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
Oxford Comma
Walcott (Insane Mix #2)

"Suck my...thing."

Sidik is a writer by trade, as he demonstrated with a number of anecdotes. It was a bit of an unconventional set, with turntablism-assisted rapping, acoustic guitar, spoken word, and numerous pieces of paper. He was entertaining nonetheless, and the clear highlight was a childhood story. Essentially, it was the classic parental punishment scenario (the crime being the watching of profane cable television), but he injected characterization and realism into the piece. Good stuff.

Chaos Frame

Unfortunately, Chaos Frame didn't actually get on until about an hour after schedule, and some sound problems hampered the set. Having said that, their fusion of electronic drums and bass, unconventional cello work and distorted guitar was a striking combination. Definitely check out the MySpace page for samples. They'll be playing at the Williamsburg Music Center on December 22nd with I. C. Express.

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