Monday, December 04, 2006

Cranial Plating: Radiohead at Earls Court

I feel that I should clarify myself. During the Portishead post, I completely forgot that Radiohead also had an album scheduled for next year, although we first heard about it a year ago. So, let's say that there are two hugely anticipated albums upcoming. Yesterday, on a whim, I finally gave The Bends another listen, and it really is the perfect rock record. The fact that the band has continued to impress, while evolving substantially, is simply incredible.

Anyways, I'd feel particularly bad if I didn't feature them before the end of the year and/or within the first hundred posts here. Incidentally, Pitchfork reported today that a couple of Thom's Bridge School Benefit tracks would be on iTunes. His solo album seems an eternity ago, and I can't wait for this new one.

This set was recorded at Earls Court, London, on November 27th, 2003. Many thanks to I Lost Myself for the set, and there are a couple more that you can download from them.


1. Intro / Where Bluebirds Fly
2. There There
3. 2+2=5
4. Sit Down, Stand Up
5. Where I End and You Begin
6. Lucky
7. Backdrifts
8. I Might Be Wrong
9. Myxomatosis
10. Creep
11. Paranoid Android
12. Go To Sleep
13. Sail to the Moon
14. No Surprises
15. The Gloaming
16. Just
17. Exit Music (For A Film)
18. Idioteque
19. Encore / Crowd Noise
20. Like Spinning Plates
21. The National Anthem
22. A Punchup at a Wedding
23. How To Disappear Completely
24. Encore / Crowd Noise
25. We Suck Young Blood
26. The Bends
27. Follow Me Around
28. Everything In Its Right Place

Dollars and Cents: Here

In other news...

Speaking of upcoming releases, I Guess I'm Floating has the new LCD Soundsystem track up.

In more Pitchfork-culled news, the New Pornographers are selling a live album during their Australian tour, and a couple of tracks have already floated around. It's well worth the price, but I do wish they'd just distribute it freely at some point. Also, Ted Leo's new album is coming out on March 10th; it's called Living With The Living. Can you feel the anticipation?

The best-ofs are beginning in earnest now. Chromewaves has a spiffy one.

Milk Milk Lemonade
has a feature on Arizona. Again, they'll be playing a free show at Club Europa Wednesday.

Spoon is playing at Webster Hall soon!

The Rangers lost to their area rivals the Islanders yesterday, 7-4. Insert Broken Social Scene pun here.

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