Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Twoism: Mates of State in Nottingham

Unfortunately, as I continue to delve into the past year, the number of overlooked albums continues to mount. It's always a struggle to find that balance between focus and diversity, especially when you're regularly inundated with potentially interesting and/or acclaimed work. The new Mates of States album, Bring It Back, has been out quite a while now, but for some reason, I haven't given the entire album a focused listen. However, the track "Think Long" really stands out, and it's a great example of their drums n' keys jangle and very appealing dual vocals. The band will be playing two special New Year's Eve shows at the Knitting Factory with Ida and +/-.

Barsuk was gracious enough provide a couple of tracks from the album, including the aforementioned one:

Think Long
Fraud in the 80's

This set was recorded in Nottingham, England on March 7th, 2002.


1. As Night As Now
2. A Duel Will Settle This
3. Proofs
4. What I Could Stand For
5. Halves and Have-Nots
6. La'hov
7. Quit Doin' It
8. Everyone Needs An Editor
9. I Know, and I Said Forget It
10. Throw Down
11. Clean Out
12. A Control Group
13. Leave Me At The Tree
14. Hoarding It For Home

Buy It Back: Here

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