Monday, December 18, 2006

The Year in Gaze: Catherine Wheel in Ohio

There's been a disturbing lack of shoegazing here lately, especially when the past year was so saturated with what looks to be the second coming. We've gone over Asobi Seksu, and I'll definitely give Silversun Pickups another look before the year's through (you can check out their great set over at KCRW in the mean time). Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie released another solo album in Continental and guested on Mahogany's wonderful Connectivity! (and apparently he has a blog). Serena Maneesh captured the hearts of critics, and brought along Sufjan for the ride.

In this context, my initial encounter with Catherine Wheel is a bit strange. Back when I kind of still listened to radio, I heard "My Name Is Love," from frontman Rob Dickinson's solo album. It's far more in the vein of singer-songwriting; there's not a distorted guitar to be found. I didn't manage to pin down his affiliated band for a long time (incidentally, it didn't help that his cousin is the far more prominent Bruce of Iron Maiden). Unfortunately, it seems that most people have overlooked the Wheel, and that's a shame.

This set was recorded at Peabody's in Cleveland, Ohio on December 13th, 1993.


1. Intro
2. Broken Head
3. I Want To Touch You
4. Crank
5. Kill Rhythm
6. Flower To Hide
7. Show Me Mary
8. Texture
9. Chrome
10. Wish You Were Here
11. Black Metallic
12. This Time
13. The Nude

Iron & Wine: Here

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Toby said...

For a second, I thought I might have been at this show. But it was a year earlier when they came through Cleveland with House of Love. That show was at Shooters (what a bad name) in the flats, just across the river from Peabody's.

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